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Personalised Wooden Wedding Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Guestbook - Personalized Oak Beech Guest Book


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Personalised Wooden Jigsaw Guestbook

Introducing our beautiful wedding jigsaw puzzle piece guest book. These beautiful made to order guestbooks are made up entirely of beautiful real oak and beech wood pieces.

Our wedding jigsaw puzzle guestbooks are of the highest quality - your guests will absolutely LOVE this unique guestbook alternative, and will have lots of fun on the day signing the individual puzzle pieces to help celebrate your wedding.

The puzzle can be very easily framed and will look amazing on your wall after your wedding to remind you of your special day for years to come.

There are lots of different sizes to choose from to suit any size of wedding big or small

The centre of your puzzle guestbook can be COMPLETELY personalised! In the main example picture we have used a large letter "G" indicating the first letter of the couples surname. However, you can have ANY text / font / layout or even a LOGO! It's YOUR wedding - make it your own!

Please note: If you DO want to use a logo on the centrepiece, it must be supplied in black and white OR simply let us know if you like one you have seen in the listing photos! If you are wanting your own font used you must be able to supply this font OR make sure it is readily available online for free.

Finally, you will be pleased to know that we will ALSO include an extra few pieces for free so that you can try out your pens on them!

...Should there be a need, you can EVEN buy additional spare pieces before OR after your wedding (in case a piece gets lost for example) - we have it all covered!

Each individual piece is approximately 60mm x 40mm - leaving PLENTY of space for your guests to sign / or leave a small message. The wood is 4mm thick.

All jigsaw pieces are labelled on the back so guests sign the correct side - this makes it really easy to assemble as well

ANY fine-tipped marker pen will work perfectly on the wood. Coloured marker pens look even more amazing!


16 piece jigsaw: 25x20cm
26 piece jigsaw: 35x20cm
40 piece jigsaw: 35x28cm
54 piece jigsaw: 45x28cm
72 piece jigsaw: 45x36cm
90 piece jigsaw: 55x36cm
112 piece jigsaw: 55x44cm
134 piece jigsaw: 65x44cm
160 piece jigsaw: 65x52cm
186 piece jigsaw: 75x52cm
216 piece jigsaw: 75x60cm
246 piece jigsaw: 85x60cm
280 piece jigsaw: 85x68cm
314 piece jigsaw: 95x68cm
352 piece jigsaw: 95x76cm
390 piece jigsaw: 105x76cm


We are proud to announce that all the wood that we use is FSC® and PEFC certified - enabling chain of custody timber from responsible forest management.

For products made of slate, we only use natural slate. Natural slate is environmentally friendly and sustainable in all stages of its life span,

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Everything we sell is handmade to order. This usually takes 1-3 working days.

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